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Gezel BotFREE

Take control with our Discord bot, built for content creators.

Control your live stream notifications on Twitch and YouTube all from one place.
The bot also has much needed quality of life tools such as an embed builder, role reactions, Msatodon feed posts, and so much more!

Take Control


The home for all your social media & referral links.

Mystlink is a landing page builder that makes it easy for you to build a high-quality page from scratch, with no coding or technical experience required! You can add any social media profiles or links, and the system will automatically integrate them into your page for your fans and community to see and access!

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YouTube Channel RewardsFREE

Bring the features you love from Twitch to your YouTube livestreams!

A missing feature on YouTube streams is user input, and this is how we fixed that. Our YTCR ties directly to your StreamerBot application, so whatever you can imagine you can do, it’s possible now on YouTube.
The only thing your viewers have to do is download the Chrome Extension!

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Gezel TeamsPAID

We know you're busy with the everyday running of your stream team and know that you want to focus on what you do best.. Making entertaining content for your fans!

Gezel Teams is an easy way to get your team website up and running in no time, without any code! With our pre-built website and bot, you can easily see everyone live on your team and help drive traffic to your entire team so that your fans can watch when they want!


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Gezel Premium

Get more out of Gezel
While 99% of what we offer is free, it does cost us money to keep the lights on.
Consider supporting us and get extra perks on all platforms

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Free Tier

Free /Forever

  1. Access to Gezel Bot, Mystlink and YouTube Channel Rewards
  2. Vast amount of control on all our projects
  3. Unlimited Support via Discord

Sign up on specific sites, no membership required!

Gezel Premium

$ 5 /month



  1. Unlimited access to all customization controls
  2. Latest YouTube video embed
  3. Twitter feed tab

Gezel Bot

  1. +1 "Premium token" to add to any server of your choosing, which grants the server:

  2. Unlimited YouTube Notifications

Gezel Teams (Premium+)

$ 6 /month


Our Teams package is designed to give you a place where you can organize your community and stream team. Whether you're an enthusiast or professional streamer, this tool gives you a website that keeps everyone informed in real time, and an easy view way to manage everything!
Check out the Anchor Club demo here.

  1. Website for your stream team. Plan includes hosting and updates, just bring your domain!
  2. Tracking tools to see how active the site is and where your users are going
  3. Add links for your community to access such as your Discord invites, team applications, merch stores, etc.


  1. Mystlink "Team" pagesWIP

Gezel Bot

  1. Gezel Bot integration to auto add all team membersWIP