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What We Do

MystLink is all about bringing your fans together to find your socials. Long gone are the days of spamming your stream chat with all your social links, as now you can just share one URL with them, for your fans to choose what platforms they'd like to follow you on. Don't presume where your fans spend their free timee, let them decide what suits them.

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Stream Teams

Showcase your Twitch team in a way like no other
Dedicated websites for your team, showcase who's live, and track all your teams statistics!
We're adding new features all the time!

YouTube Channel Rewards

A missing feature on YouTube streams is user input, and this is how we fixed that. Our YTCR ties directly to your StreamerBot application, so whatever you can imagine you can do, it’s possible now on YouTube. Unlike Twitch, with YTCR you have the ability to give (and take) channel points away from specific users, which gives you even more control behind your channel!

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Why We Do This

Tommy Lundy

Co-Founder, Gezelio

"It all started when I had ideas for awesome things for my YouTube channel or streams that I wish I had. I wanted a way to stream to YouTube but bring my extensive collection of channel rewards with me from Twitch. I reached out to the now CTO of Gezel Trent with my wacky idea, and within a few weeks we had a beta. From that point Trent was playing with the idea to add some social media buttons into YouTube also, which has since overthrown YTCR in userbase and became a standalone project we now call Mystlink."

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