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Ever wanted a way to watch all the people streaming on your Twitch team at the same time, chat and interact with everyone? Maybe just a place to promote your Twitch team?
We're committed to hosting your team and building new features to showcase what your amazing community has to offer!

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Features Everyone Wants!

We provide a clean user interface for your team and fans to interact with your team from a custom site, with your own domain. View all active streams on one page, a team directory, an Admin panel to update and control branding, search engine optimization capabilities, team viewer stats and webpage activity stats!
We release new features all the time and all teams get these updates automatically! If you want something custom fit, just let us know and we can get working on i!

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Why We Do This

Tommy Lundy

Co-Founder, Gezelio

"I joined a Twitch team called The Anchor Club and already by brain was racing.
I knew myself and Trent could design something awesome with the Twitch API for the team, an easy way to know who was online, and a way to chat with everyone who is online.
For Twitch teams moderators it's a hard task to know who's currently streaming and where support can be shared, and that's what we set out to overcome. Realizing we were onto something, we decided to share this website for any team that may want it!"

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